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Free delivery for all plans.
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What are we all about?

The Parent Company is all about serving parents with new-borns and toddlers in a convenient and value for money setting. As parents ourselves, one of the most hassling ordeals of parenting was going to the supermarket or baby fair to purchase diapers. In Singapore, a large majority of us take public transport and we often find ourselves searching online for good diaper deals, just to save ourselves the trouble of lugging diapers home.

What sets us apart?

The Parent Company is the first company in Singapore to develop the subscription based model for diapers.

The subscription model provides the necessary hassle free flexibility for parents to choose the best diapers for their babies and not be confined to a particular brand without having to either run to the supermarket every other week or waste hours searching online stores for the best price and diaper brand. No more waiting for baby fairs once every few months and no more constraining yourself to a bulk purchase in order to enjoy savings.

What services do we offer?

The Parent Company offers a range of subscription packages in 1, 3, 6 and 12 months, all of which offer excellent savings on popular diaper brands of your choice.

How does the subscription plan work?


  1. Choose the plan (Savvy, Regular, Power Parent) that you desire.
  2. Select your baby’s diaper size
  3. Select the number of months to subscribe
  4. Set up your account
  5. Checkout and pay
  6. Sit back and wait for your first monthly box to be delivered to your doorstep within 2-3 days of placing your order.

We’ll automatically set your next shipment on the same date every month by default. However you have full flexibility to make any adjustment to your delivery schedule. For example, if your diapers are running low, you can speed up the delivery by a few days. If there are extra diapers, simply shift the next delivery to a later date.

Do note that you can make changes to your delivery frequency, diaper type and sizes at least 2 days in advance of your next scheduled delivery. Simply login to your account at

You can also cancel, pause and reactivate your monthly delivery anytime. No questions asked!

Is there an option for you to customize the diaper brands, type and size other than the 3 standard bundles offered?

Absolutely! We have a Flexi Parent bundle for you to build what’s best for your child. These are the steps:

  1. Choose your bundle – Flexi Parent
  2. Choose your Day Diaper and Night Diaper
  3. Choose the Size
  4. Choose your package (1,3,6 or 12 months)
  5. Select your preferred delivery date and time

How many diaper types are there in a subscription plan?

There are 2 – one for day and one for night. We have calculated that on average, a baby changes his/her diaper more frequently during the day than in the night, and as a result, we provide 70% of the diapers for day use and 30% are dedicated to night.

What if your baby’s diapers run out before the next delivery or if your baby’s diapers are in excess by the time your next delivery is due?

By default, we schedule your subsequent box of diapers on the same date every month. However, only mummy and daddy knows baby best so we provide you the flexibility in adjusting the delivery timings. Therefore, if you prefer an earlier delivery date for a particular month, go ahead and schedule it. The following month, if you’d like to amend it to a later date, then you have the freedom to do that too.

Going away on a long holiday and need to pause your next delivery? No problem – you can do so anytime by logging in to your account at, and don’t worry, you can re-activate your orders any time too!

What are the advantages of choosing a subscription plan over individual purchases?

Mummy and daddy, you already know your baby best. You know what diaper suits him/her best, and you know how frequently he/she needs a little change. You know that every few weeks you’ll find yourself looking for diaper deals, whether it’s at the baby fair, the supermarket, or perhaps an online diaper deal.

But why do that every few weeks when you can just do that once?

Our aim is to make your diaper shopping hassle free and memorable as much as possible. We remove the inconvenience of mummy and daddy having to go to the store and lugging back heavy diapers every few weeks, thereby removing the frustration that tags along with the thought of long queues and over-crowded baby fairs. But importantly, we give mummy and daddy the extra time to do more with your baby.

Can you order more than 1 subscription plan?

You most certainly can, and you’ll be able to easily manage your first, second, third and subsequent plans all in your account. Simple login to your account at


Is free! And allows us to update you on various offers, discounts, promotions, etc. (don’t worry we won’t spam your mailbox!)

What brands do we carry?

Merries, Mamy Poko, Moony, Drypers, KCA, Huggies, Pampers, PetPet, Fitti (in no particular order). We will continue to bring in other brands to give you an even better shopping experience.

How do you know you’ll have enough diapers for the particular month?

We have done our utmost best to forecast your baby’s diaper needs every month so you don’t ever need to worry if you have enough for your little one. This mean that the number of diapers for each delivery should be sufficient for the month, before the next delivery.


*It should be noted that these numbers are estimated based on the average number of diapers required each month. The actual number of diapers each month will vary based on the different diaper brands chosen, but we strive to ensure that you receive no more and no less than a 10% variant from the average number in the table.

How do you update your baby’s diaper size and shipping dates?

Through your personalised account which you can access at any time by logging in to your account at, you would be able to update your baby’s diaper size and advance or delay your next shipment, all tailored to your specifications.

Will you be charged for delivery?

All of our subscription plans come with free delivery up to the number of months purchased. Therefore, if you purchased a 6 month plan for example, you would be allowed up to a maximum of 6 free deliveries.

Delivery charges will apply on non-subscription plans only.

Can you make an exchange or return?

We understand that every child’s growth rate and requirement is different. Our friendly customer service executives would be glad to assist with your requests. Do note, that we can only accept returns of unopened diaper bags.

Can you cancel your subscription order?

Of course you can. We’d love to hear from you on how we may have gotten it wrong. Your feedback is very much appreciated! Please reach out to us at any time through phone or email and we will assist with your cancellation. And don’t worry – there is no cancellation fee! (Applicable for subscriptions that are active for more than 1 month)

We will provide a prorated refund based on the discounted purchase price paid minus the number of monthly deliveries at the full purchase price rate. For example:

  • Sheryl purchased a 12 month Power Parent plan for $1,200 ($100 per month). The Parent Company offered a $100 discount off the plan. Sheryl pays only $1,100 ($91.67 per month). Sheryl decides to cancel the plan after receiving her 5th delivery. The following refund formula will apply:
  • Prorated refund = Amount paid – (Monthly price w/o discount x Number of deliveries)
  • Therefore, The Parent Company will refund Sheryl $600 = $1,100 – ($100 x 5 months).

Refunds will be processed within 14 working days.

What if an item you ordered is out of stock?

In the event the item(s) you have purchased is out of stock, we will offer you either of the following options:

(a) We will offer you an alternative diaper brand of equivalent value until the stock for the brand you purchased is made available; or

(b) We will issue a full prorated refund of the price paid if the item(s) you have ordered is out of stock and we are unable to restock it.

Can I pay monthly for my subscription plan?

A monthly payment results in a higher cost for us which will be passed on to the consumer. Therefore, when we were trying to find a way to provide competitive prices with free delivery, the optimum option was a lump sum payment.