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Finally! A perfect site for parents with diaper woes.

I remember when I would see my diaper stock and think "oh no, time to lug another bag home" and wince at the very thought.
 Let's face it - diaper packs are big, bulky and just plain in your way. We decided that this was just not working out.

What were my alternatives? Going online and hunting for diapers at the best prices and free delivery and then realising after an hour of searching - that there was no such thing. Either there was an extremely high delivery cost involved or the diaper cost itself was outrageous.

So I wasn't prepared to keep lugging these packs from the supermarket back home (all this while carrying one baby, pushing a stroller and carrying other grocery bags along with my own handbag and screaming at my other kid to walk properly or get knocked down by the bus) and decided that something HAD to be done!

But how?

By attempting to create a solution that would do the following things

  • Make buying diapers hassle free

    Order online with a few simple clicks

  • Provide competitive pricing

    Ensure that you aren’t overpaying

  • Provide continuity

    Automatically deliver your diapers to your doorstep every month.

But we wanted to do more, so we put together in one platform all the information that mummy and daddy would need to make an informed decision on the diaper brands you are thinking of buying.

And on top of that – what better way to engage with other mummies and daddies than by creating a space for us to talk candidly about topics that most parents would be interested in reading or even commenting on!

Our ultimate aim is to make your diaper searching experience as pleasant as possible because that’s what we would have wanted with our own children.

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