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Moony Air Fit Tape Type - NB 90 pieces x 3 packs JPQ

Moony Air Fit Tape Type - NB 90 pieces x 3 packs JPQ

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Product details of Moony Air Fit Tape Type - NB 90 pieces x 3 packs JPQ

Best diapers for your Newborn baby's delicate skin!

NEW from Japan! Moony Air Fit Tape Diaper with Curve Fit diaper softly fits a baby's bottom following the contour of your baby's bottom while recovering up to 50% pressure around baby's tummy so your precious one stay comfortable and joyable.

Moony Air Fit is the No. 1 diaper of Mother's choice in Japan.

  • Curved design for a perfectly comfortable fit. Moony diapers are designed to follow the contour of your baby’s bottom so your precious one can stay comfortable and joyful.
  • 50% less pressure on your baby’s tummy. As your baby’s skin is 50% thinner and more sensitive than yours, pressure from overly tight diapers can cause rashes easily. That’s why Moony diapers wrap around your baby’s tummy gently to reduce pressure around it and prevent rashes. Study is based on Moony S size diapers. The result may vary based on the baby’s size and the diaper-wearing method.
  • Moves with your baby and prevents leakage. 80% of leaks is due to gaps formed between the diaper and the baby’s skin. Moony diapers fit snugly to prevent leakages without restricting your baby’s movement. Percentage of respondents who indicated gaps as a cause of leakage based on a research done by Unicharm.
  • Improved absorption. Absorbency that lasts up to 12 hours to keep your baby feeling dry and comfortable throughout the day.
  • Contoured Comfort Waistline. Moony Newborn with Contoured Comfort Waistline protects Newborn baby’s sensitive unhealed navel to help speed up its healing process.