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Mamypoko Air Fit Tape Type - M 64 pieces x 4 packs JPQ

Mamypoko Air Fit Tape Type - M 64 pieces x 4 packs JPQ

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Product details of Mamypoko Air Fit Tape Type - M 64 pieces x 4 packs JPQ

Best for active babies!

New from Japan! Mamypoko Air Fit Tape Diaper featuring the world's first 3D curve-fit diaper that fits gently and snugly, following the curvy baby's bottom shape. Its Stretchable Soft Gathers around the waist gives 50% less pressure on baby's tummy leaving your baby comfortable all day long.

Mamypoko Air Fit is the No. 1 diaper of Mother's choice in Japan.

  • The world's first "super-3D shape"* fits the natural spine curve of your baby! "tight feeling," fits the baby's natural curve. The new, natural shape follows the spine curve of your baby! 
  • 50% less "tight feeling" on the waist and belly!
  • Stretching sheets for the waist and the crotch as well as the cut absorber gives the diaper a 3D structure
  • Gathers stretch well for perfect fit
  • Comfortable fit with no pressure to the baby's stomach even after eating or in a seated position. Relaxing and comfortable!
  • Gathers for easy thigh movement
  • Gentle fit to not bother your baby, whether creeping or crawling. Your baby can move their thighs freely!
  • Significant increase in absorption speed!
  • Absorbs up to 12 hours of urine
  • Airy, silky material soft to the skin!

Useful functions
Cotton-like Breathable Cover keeps the skin nice and dry, wetness Sign informs when to change the diaper*, secure and handy adhesive tape enables easy removal and reattachment.

*When your baby pees, the line turns blue.