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31% OFF Sale

31% OFF Sale

Hi mummies and daddies,

Thanks to everyone for all your support over the past couple of years, entrusting our small enterprise with your baby's diapering needs. It's not been smooth sailing, but your continued visitations, queries and purchases from our site has made all the hard work worth it!

As parents ourselves, we were always looking for good deals, but with premium service, and one day we walked past Baskin Robbins on the 31st of a particular month and realised that there was a terribly long queue and everyone was smiling from ear to ear. We thought to ourselves - how can we bring the same smiles onto our buyer's faces and that's how our 31% OFF sale came about. 

We hope all of you had a lovely time browsing our site and that you managed to get some good deals. Please continue to visit, and share your buying experience with your friends, and together we can create a community where all your baby diapering needs are taken care of. 

Thank you for your support once again!