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Magical Moony

Moony is serious business! Find out how besotted both mummy and baby were!
Magical Moony

I’ve got to say, I’m in total awe of this brand.

Absorbency – excellent. After 6 hours of wear, the diaper didn’t feel full, or heavy. I think this is an extremely important feature in promoting baby’s comfort. At first, I’d take off her diaper after 1 hour; and it was super light. Then I tried again after 2 hours, and it was still feathery light! After 5-6 hours, I assume she would have urinated at least 3-4 times, and usually, after that amount of time, for all the diapers I’ve tried, it gets heavy, and there’s this glob sticking out there, making her walk funny. Haha.

Smell – This is the first time I noticed, that there wasn’t any strong odour emanating from the diaper. Usually, I’d be able to smell her wee wee through and through, but not with this brand. I attribute this of course to its absorbency – it’s fast and stays dry. Amazing!

One other interesting thing I learnt about Moony that differs from other brands is that the tape diapers stop at L size, after which, the only other option is Moonyman Pants which produces XL and beyond. I would assume that the reason for this is that once your little toddler is up and running about, it’s just easier to use Pants and because the change isn’t as frequent as when he or she was little, parents wouldn’t mind paying the little extra for their own sanity (let’s not kid ourselves – it’s HELL trying to run after them and taping them up). I for one, attest to this – but that might very well be because I have two little monsters to run after…

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