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To Goo.N, with love

Is this the right brand for you? Find out what other parents are saying about Goo.N!
To Goo.N, with love

Let me just caveat here that this is not solely my review, but the collective reviews of mums who use(d) Goon:

“It’s cheaper than Merries and does the same job.”

“It’s wider at the base so definitely no leaks!”

“This is THE diaper if your baby has a sensitive bum.”

“I love the little animal prints!”

When I first tried Goon myself, it wasn’t all that popular yet. It was just beginning to test the market, and I was given a couple of free bags to try out. It’s true, they do feel a lot like Merries and I did like that the diaper was thin so it felt less heavy and a lot more breathable. The brand never stuck on me though, for a couple of reasons:

  1. My son didn’t have a sensitive bum (phew!) so it wasn’t the strongest draw factor when it announced that its technology could prevent diaper rashes because his bum stayed the same no matter what brand he used.
  2. It wasn’t selling at the local supermarkets and other than that time it was given to me free (at a baby fair), I never saw it again, so it left my memory.

A mummy friend of mine swears by it now though. She uses it on her son, and as we found out, so do a number of mothers. Sensitive skin is common in babies, and my daughter certainly was a victim of it – so I very well understand why more mums are switching to this brand.

I mean, for its resilience, its breathability, its comfort and price, what’s not to love right?

Mummies, do share your experience here!