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Our Parent Plans

Find out what brought about the decision to put our plans together. No easy task, but we did it all for the benefit of parents, like ourselves.
Our Parent Plans

How did we choose our plans?

Easy – we’re parents ourselves, to two beautiful children who drive us up the wall, but also makes us feel like we’re the most special being in the world. Our children gave us the hints, so that was our starting point.

But the truth is, a lot of our decision was based on two things:

  1. Cost – For the Savvy parent, we couldn’t be expected to put a diaper brand that was costly. We looked at all the various combinations and after a while realised that the current combination was the most cost effective for a parent, whilst at the same time, was able to get the job done. For the Power Parent, we realised that there were mums and dads who would say that they only wanted the very best for their child, and that meant buying the most expensive brands because that, in all of our minds, equated to “the best”. I admit, I’m guilty of that (especially when it’s bonus season or something!) But otherwise, I expect that most of us are Regular parents. So cost was definitely one of the major factors in our decision making process.
  1. Effectiveness of the Diaper itself – this was important to us. We didn’t want to simply say – choose the cheapest brands for Savvy, the in between for Regular and most expensive for Power. We wanted to also make sure that we weren’t just looking at the cost, but also the effectiveness of the diaper. Is this a brand where parents have complained about rashes? Does it leak frequently? Does the cotton from the diaper peel off easily? And etc etc. We asked ourselves and our friends all of these questions and scoured the internet to justify our findings.

And there you have it – the Savvy, Regular and Power Parent plans came alive.

But we also realised that each parent has his/her own preference as well, so we wanted to make that experience enriching by allowing you to choose your own brands through the Flexi Parent plan. Your very own mix'n'match!